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We're now offering Illumina's V4 chemistry as standard on our HiSeqs. That means more reads (150-250 million per end, per lane), and longer reads too - now 125 bp. Perhaps most importantly, run times have been reduced from 12 days to 6, knocking a week off turnaround time.

We are now sequencing several thousand samples per year, and have realised for some time the need for sample tracking software. After extensive validation, we have purchased Genologics Clarity LIMS ( We will be implementing this over the next months, to ensure your samples are handled in the most secure and timely manner possible.

After more than six years of service, the Norwegian Sequencing Centre has decided to phase out one of our first work-horses, the 454 GS FLX. We will complete the sequencing of all the samples we have in the queue, and will accept new samples for 454 sequencing until the 17th of May 2014.