PacBio Sequencing

The Norwegian Sequencing Center has offered Single Molecule Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing on Pacific Biosciences instruments since 2012 and is experienced in genome sequencing of vast range of non-model species.

Currently we offer sequencing services on the award-winning PacBio Sequel IIe System, which provides cost effective and highly accurate long-read sequencing. To learn more about the technology, please visit PacBios site


Image: Courtesy of Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc., Menlo Park, CA, USA


Whole genome sequencing

o   Due to capacity to generate highly accurate long reads, PacBio sequencing is the technology enabling the highest quality de novo genome assemblies as a stand-alone method. PacBio genome assemblies provide megabase size contig N50s and >99.99 % accuracies together with phased haplotypes. Platinum-standard, closed reference genomes can be generated for most microbes.

o   Resequencing using PacBio provides comprehensive detection of all variants in the genome, including difficult-to-map repetitive regions. Choose between detection of all types of variants using highly accurate long reads (HiFi reads) and affordable detection of large indels, structural and copy number variants using continuous long read (CLR) sequencing mode.

Targeted resequencing

o   Amplicon sequencing using PacBio sequencing generates highly accurate sequences from PCR-amplified loci of up to 15 kb length. A barcode set of 384 barcodes is available and can be utilized for sequencing of large sets of samples.

o   Targeted sequencing capture is an efficient and sensitive method for sequencing of specific genomic regions or transcripts. PacBio sequencing of captured genomic DNA enables capture of entire genes, including intronic and intergenic sequences.

o   No-Amp targeted sequencing involves enrichment and sequencing of hard-to-amplify genomic regions like repeat expansions.

Environmental sequencing

o   PacBio sequencing enables sequencing of full-length 16S rRNA and provides strain level resolution of microbial communities

o   Shotgun metagenome sequencing using PacBio technology enables generation of near-complete assemblies of high-complexity samples

RNA sequencing

PacBio technology allows you to sequence full-length transcript isoforms, no assembly required. Iso-Seq analysis enables discovery of new genes, transcripts and alternative splicing events and should be considered for improving genome annotation. de novo reference transcripts created by Iso-Seq analysis will increase accuracy of RNA-seq quantification using short-read data.


User-prepared libraries

NSC accepts user-prepared  libraries, please connect us for further information.