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Next Generation Cytogenomics has also arrived at the NSC! Optical mapping is a complementary technology to sequencing that enables improved genome assembly and the detection of structural variants (indels, translocations and CNVs) that sequencing struggles to detect. With high coverage of the genome, even low-frequency rearrangements in tumour samples or genetic mosaics can be detected.


For early access prior to service launch, or just to learn more, get in touch (post@sequencing.uio.no)!


More info at https://bionanogenomics.com

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Both the UiO and OUS nodes are open to receive and sequence your samples.

We are not experiencing sickness or shortage of reagents and remain open. However, due to distancing requirements, we have fewer employees on site at any one time, so please ensure we are available to receive your samples before delivery, by mailing us on post@sequencing.uio.no.

We request that all persons delivering samples show consideration, particularly in the hospital environment, and only deliver samples in person if the are:

1. Themselves free of possible COVID-19 symptoms

2. Have no family members in quarantine


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The NSC will close over Easter. Deadline for submissions is 12.00 noon on Wed 31st March. We will reopen again from Tuesday 6th April.

God Påske!

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After 5 years of service, we have retired our HiSeq 3000, 4000 and X instruments.  These are superceded by the newer, faster, cheaper NovaSeq. From now, Illumina sequencing will be performed only at the OUS node, and the CEES node will be focusing on long-read PacBio services.

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The NSC will be closed in July. The last day for submissions will be Friday 2nd July. We will re-open for submission from August 2nd (OUS) and August 9th (UiO). Projects submitted prior to July 2nd will still be processed over the summer, but turnaround times will be longer. Consulting / advice will only resume when we reopen.