Sample submission forms

When sending samples to the NSC, you must fill out a sample submission form.


For enquiry regarding project advice and quote, use Project enquiry form


IMPORTANT information about forms: Please follow the instructions on the individual forms regarding their completion and return. Incomplete / incorrect information in the forms will only delay the submission process. Please contact us by email should you experience any difficulty in retrieving any of these forms.

We recommend you print the documents and read carefully all submission instructions. However, please submit by email as directed.

Ilumina sequencing:
Sample Submission Form (Illumina) - to be used when submitting samples for Illumina sequencing.
Guidelines for completion of Illumina sample submission form - read carefully before filling in the Illumina sample submission form

Sample_table_template - Excel table template to be used when submitting 96-well plates with samples.



PacBio sequencing:

Sample Submission Form (PacBio Sequencing) - to be used when submitting samples for PacBio sequencing.


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