Library preparation

The Norwegian Sequencing Center offers a variety of library preparation options (from RNA, DNA, small(micro)RNA, and other sources) including 16S DNA sequencing service, for details see here.


We offer sequencing services on Illumina`s Novaseq 6000, HiSeq X, HiSeq 3000/4000, NextSeq 500 & MiSeq instruments (find more details here) and the PacBio RS II from Pacific Biosciences (see here).

For an overview and comparison of the properties of the different machines, please see here for Illumina machines, and here for PacBio.


NovaSeq 6000          HiSeq X          HiSeq 3000/4000      NextSeq 500               MiSeq




Single Cell Sequencing

10X Genomics Chromium

We have a 10X Genomics Chromium instrument available at both nodes (Blindern and Ullevål). We do not offer Chromium library preparations as a service, but you can book our machines to prepare your own libraries, as long as you perform the sequencing with us. For booking inquiries, please just send us a mail at


Sample Submission:

for Illumina: find instructions here

for Pac Bio: find instructions here


Typical Timeline:





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