Data delivery

NSC offers the following delivery methods of run data  (you will be asked to specify your method of choice when submitting a sample):

  • Non-senstive data
    • Download through our https site hosted at UNINETT Sigma 2 (password-protected) - More info
    • Get the data uploade to your NeLS project - More info


  • Sensitive data
    • Collect the data in person using your own hard drive
    • Collect the data in person after purchasing a hard drivefrom us


Once you have taken delivery of your data (through your chosen method), you will be keen to begin analysis and to do this you need to understand your sequence data:


HiSeq:      Sequence data - FASTQ

NextSeq:  Sequence data - FASTQ

MiSeq:      Sequence data - FASTQ

Illumina data: Quality control



  • Coming soon

Obsolete delivery formats:

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