Data delivery

  • Non-sensitive data
    • NIRD web server hosted by UNINETT Sigma 2 (password-protected) - More info
    • Get the data uploaded directly to your NeLS project - More info
  • Sensitive data (Human patients)
    • Collect the data in person using your own hard drive
    • Collect the data in person after purchasing a hard drive from us

Data formats

Guide to download data from NIRD: help with NIRD

Guide to extracting data from archive (TAR) with md5 check: help with TAR

NovaSeq: Sequence data - FASTQ

HiSeq:      Sequence data - FASTQ

NextSeq:  Sequence data - FASTQ

MiSeq:      Sequence data - FASTQ


Illumina data: Quality control

Obsolete: Illumina sequence data delivery (before 15th August 2011) and quality control

Data security

If this sequence data relates to human samples, you are responsible for storing it in a way that complies with the local jurisdiction.

Data storage policy (updated on May 1, 2013)

Data will be stored at our local storage facility for a period of 3 months from the date of the delivery mail after which it will be permanently deleted. A reminder notice will be sent to the contact email address two weeks prior to deletion.


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