Pac Bio Sequencing

Pacific Biosciences PacBio RS II

The instrument has the following specifics:

  • ~ 45 000 reads per SMRTcell ('chip')
  • Read error rate ~13% for single pass reads, >99.99% with circular consensus reads
  • P4-C2 chemistry
    • ideal for de novo assembly and targeted sequencing applications
    • read lengths average at 5 500 bases
    • 95 percentile is at 11 000 bp
    • the maximum may exceed 24 000 bp
  • P5-C3 chemistry
    • generates more 20 kb reads at a small drop in single-pass accurcay, best for scaffolding and spanning structural rearrangements.
    • read lengths average at 8 500 bases
    • 95 percentile is at 18 000 bp
    • the maximum may exceed 30 000 bp

Applications include:

  • de novo sequencing of Bacteria, Yeasts, Fungi, Plants, Animals, ...
  • sequencing of BACs, Fosmids, Plastids
  • resequencing for mutation discovery (SNPs, indels, genomic rearrangements)
  • transcriptome analysis
  • epigenetics (methylation and other base-modifications)

For a description of some of the applications, refer to the application pages on the Pacific Biosciences website.

Sample Submission:

The PacBio-Sequencing Submission Form (please read the important information on sheet 2 and 3 in this spreadsheet) should be filled out and submitted as soon as possible before delivery/submission of your sample(s). The completed form should be saved under a file name that includes a name and date, and returned by email to:

Pacific Biosciences


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