PacBio Submission

The PacBio-Sequencing Submission Form should be filled out and submitted as soon as possible before delivery/submission of your sample(s). Please read the important information on sheet 4 in this spreadsheet and DNA requirements section! 

The completed form should be saved under a file name that includes a name and date, and returned by email to: together with a picture of an agarose gel of the sample, running also a propriate marker (with at least 20 kb upper band for genomic DNA). For genomic DNA, please run the electrophoresis slowly, ideally 35V 16-18 hours. Please be aware that with that speed and time, DNA might run out of the gel if the gel is short. 

Samples should not be delivered/shipped before NSC staff has approved samples to have good enough quality for PacBio sequencing. 

Samples can be delivered in person at Kristine Bonnevies building in the campus, or shipped to us (shipping address an sheet 3 in sample delivery form).

Important for shipping of samples: 

  • genomic DNA should be shipped frozen, in order to prevent fragmentation of DNA
  • RNA samples and tissues for Hi-C library prep should always be shipped on dry ice. For DNA samples, cold packs (-20° C) might be sufficient, depending on duration of the transport. Please ensure that you use enough dry ice! Sending samples from abroad, we recommend to use 5 kg of dry ice, or send the package using carrier company which refills dry ice if needed. 
  • do not ship samples before a weekend (i.e. on Thursday for Friday arrival). From abroad, please ship your samples on Monday. 
  • Providing the tracking number to NSC is a good practice to track delays or mishandling of sample delivery.

For Hi-C sample delivery form, please contact us.

Published Mar. 31, 2020 12:35 PM - Last modified May 5, 2022 2:35 PM