Sample library preparation capacity of the NSC.

You may perform sample library preparation in your own lab, or you may submit samples to us for preparation. Subject to our agreement, you may also send trained personnel to perform the preps under our supervision. We operate pipetting robots to maximize throughput, and continually aim to increase the number of samples we can prepare as a service. However, not all protocols are suitable for automation, so we are in some cases obliged to ask that you contribute manpower when the number of samples exceeds our capacity. You should contact us before submission if you have in excess of the following sample numbers:

Sample prep type                    Number of samples / submission

DNA                                        96

RNA                                        96

ChIP / low-input DNA             48

Small RNA                              24

16S                                         940

These limits are subject to revision as we add to our automation capabilities. Higher sample numbers may be handled, but require our prior agreement. Ensure you have downloaded our most recent guidelines to guarantee you are viewing the most up-to-date information from

Sample storage

We will store your submitted samples for a period of 3 months following submission. Samples cannot be returned to users except in exceptional circumstances. We store your completed libraries for at least 1 year following project completion to allow further sequencing if requested.

PhiX blending

It is standard practice to spike Illumina sequencing runs with 1% PhiX library, which acts as a reference for sequencing performance. The level of PhiX blend must be increased for low-diversity samples, up to 50%, at the expense of yield. If you are concerned that the use of PhiX will cause problems for your downstream data analysis, it is your responsibility to tell us this and request an alternative solution.

Published Mar. 23, 2020 12:45 PM - Last modified Mar. 23, 2020 1:08 PM