Illumina Submission


Submission is simple – just fully complete the submission form and send it with required attachments, when fully complete, in a single mail to, wait for our reply that your submission is accepted, then bring or ship your samples to the address advised by the NSC staff in their reply (either OUS or UiO, shipping addresses are at the back of the submission form).

If you need a price quote in order to obtain a purchase order number, contact us to obtain one on – do not send an incomplete form and the purchase information later.

Required attachments (documenting sample size and integrity)

Unless agreed with us in advance, you are required to provide both:

1. Our Sample submission form (and Sample submission table, if submitting more than 16 samples or a pool)

2. Gel image or BioAnalyzer (or equivalent method) traces of your samples / libraries.

DNA:   For genomic DNA samples, an agarose gel showing high MW DNA with no degradation is most appropriate (indicate relevant marker sizes, and amount of sample loaded). For ChIP samples, input DNA must be shown.

RNA:   A BioAnalyzer trace/list of RIN numbers is preferred. Agilent Bioanalyzer RNA Integrity Number (RIN) should be > 7.  Gel images showing rRNA are also acceptable, in which case samples should have a 28S/18S ratio >1.6.

LIBRARIES: For prepared libraries, a bioanalyzer trace or equivalent is most appropriate.

Sequencing options

Information about the available at NSC Illumina sequencing options can be found here: Illumina sequencers

Published Mar. 20, 2020 10:50 AM - Last modified Apr. 7, 2020 4:46 PM