Bioinformatic services


We offer short read mapping against a reference genome and bigwig/bedgraph generation using aligners such as bwa and bowtie. Reference genome and aligners will be of your choice and we will recommend a pipeline based on the type of samples you have sequenced with us (such as WGS, exome, ChiP and other targeted approaches).


We offer short read mapping against a reference genome/transcriptome of your choice and counting of reads mapped to a feature (such as gene, exon, miRNA) of choice. Our preferred choice of aligner is HISAT2 but we are happy to accommodate any aligner of your choice. You will receive raw read counts as part of the service based on the type of samples you have sequenced with us (such as Total RNA, mRNA, microRNA and other approaches).

16S amplicon

We offer 16S analyses using QIIME2 and MOTHUR pipelines tailored specifically to the region that we target in our new service.

10X Genomics single-cell libraries

We can run 10X Genomics' Cell Ranger pipeline on gene expression, immune profiling and ATAC-seq data, with the standard reference genomes provided by 10X Genomics (for human and mouse). We may also be able to process other data types from 10X Genomics, please get in touch for details. The outputs of the gene expression pipeline are feature-barcode matrices, Loupe files and BAM files.

Cost of alignment service or 10X analysis service (excluding MVA)


lanes per run

per run (NOK)

per lane (NOK)













NovaSeq SP

2 4,000 2,000

NovaSeq S1

2 6,000 3,000

NovaSeq S2

2 8,000 4,000

NovaSeq S4

4 20,000 5,000

QIIME2 and MOTHUR analyses cost 1000 NOK per MiSeq run and is included in the cost of the amplicon service that we offer.

Do get in touch with us if you wish to use these services at

Further analyses

We can offer further analyses specific to your projects on a collaborative basis. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Bioinformatic services request form

Bioinformatic services request form - to provide the NSC with information regarding bioinformatic services that you have requested.




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